Welcome to THE ICE CENTER!

Our non-profit, community-based arena is home to Harwood High School and Youth Hockey teams, talented local figure skaters and a number of adult hockey leagues. In addition, public skating is a great way to bring the community together, stick and puck time is a fun way to stay active and renting the ice for a party is a fantastic way to enjoy healthy recreation. This dream came true with support from the community and area businesses and for that we say... THANK YOU!

Rink Trivia – fun rink tidbits for you…

Did you know that January 16th 1901 was the birthday of Frank J Zamboni?

Did you know that most people think that the ice you skate on in an indoor rink is at least 1 foot thick? Do you know how thick it really is?

Do you know the dimensions of an NHL rink? An Olympic rink?

Which NHL teams made up the Original Six?

Why do they throw octopuses (octopi) on the ice in Detroit?