Welcome to THE ICE CENTER!

Our non-profit, community-based arena is home to Harwood High School and Youth Hockey teams, talented local figure skaters and a number of adult hockey leagues. In addition, public skating is a great way to bring the community together, stick and puck time is a fun way to stay active and renting the ice for a party is a fantastic way to enjoy healthy recreation. This dream came true with support from the community and area businesses and for that we say... THANK YOU!

Adult Hockey on the Rise

When The Ice Center opened it’s doors 10 years ago nobody expected that the adult hockey contingency would be as large as it is today. Throughout the year on any day that ends in Y you can find an adult hockey group out on the ice enjoying a brief respite from “the real world”. From lunch time groups to late night leagues, there is usually something for everyone of any ability.

Back in the day most adult hockey groups consisted of “hockey dads” who had schlepped their kids all over the state to practices and games at all hours of the day. These days most leagues are co-ed and more women-only groups and leagues are showing up at all the rinks. With the rise in girls youth and Varsity hockey the number women who want to play seems to increase each year. Girls graduate from high school and may or may not play in college but realize when they settle in somewhere that hockey is a great outlet and an even better way to form friendships with fellow like-minded adult athletes.

Here in Waterbury we have a multitude of co-ed, all male and women-only groups that skate year round. We also have instructional hockey leagues for adults who want to learn more about the strategy of the game and how to play as a team. Each time a new adult hockey player steps onto the ice we realize that he or she has so much to offer the rink that we want to make their experience as pleasant as possible so they learn to love the game and want to come back for more, maybe with friends or their family! Growing the game is our goal and happy players are the key to that result!